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​Launch Party

8/27 19:00 California time

8/28 10:00 Hong Kong time

Zoom Meeting ID: 988 462 1020

Supporting Wildfire Animal Rescue & Relief
Item 01

by Sherry Chen


Pandas on the tree.

Item 02


by Sherry Chen


It’s fun to paint, and I like painting animals. Horses are slightly more difficult to paint than dogs and cats, but I wanted to paint this because it shows my pony and me before my first riding lesson on Viva. She is very relaxed and I am looking forward to beginning my riding lessons. That was a special day for me. It reminds me of how much I love to ride Viva!

Item 03


by Sherry Chen


This is my dog Deniro. I love spending time with him, and this picture reminds me of how sweet and cuddly he is. He is also playful. I think you can see in this painting that he looks like he is ready to play. I painted this from a photo of Deniro that I think shows what a loving dog he is for me and my family.

Item 04

Cat on a Tree

by Sherry Chen


I liked this picture of a kitten holding onto a tree branch, because it is so cute. It’s my interpretation of the original picture. Looking at this, you can imagine it’s your cat. I think it must be a slightly naughty kitty because it escaped and climbed into the tree. Any kid would like to have a cat like this.

Item 05

by Sherry Chen


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