​Save A Pal Summer 

Silent Auction

Proceeds will support wildfire animal rescue and relief efforts by our collaborators. Bid now! Auction closes September 30.
Paintings by kids to benefit our animal pals


by Olivia Fanning


by Abigail Lewis


The painting is called “Charlotte” and is a painting of one of my classmate’s dogs, who is a spaniel named Charlotte.  I tried to make it look as realistic as possible following the reference picture.  I used acrylic pant for this painting. 


by Audrey Berger

Acrylic on Canvas, Faber Castell Pitt Artist pen.

I painted a portrait of my late dog Bothwell because I felt that even he’s gone, he still was a great dog, and I hope that he knew that.

by Olivia


Parrot collage

by Sofia Singer


Parrot collage


by Vanessa McMahon

The giraffe painting is called Raffie. I painted it in honor of all the giraffes in the world.


by Audrey Berger


Magazine on watercolor paper

I created this specific piece because I have always wanted to go see a beautiful bird such as this, just as I did once when I was younger. Hence the name, Once.


by Vanessa McMahon


The cat painting is called Midnight and I painted it to honor my cat that was a stray and found my family 2 years ago. 

Koala in Eucalyptus Tree

by Abigail Lewis


The drawing is called “Koala in Eucalyptus Tree.” I drew the picture in my sketchbook as part of another online art class and I think it turned out really well.  I used a pencil for this drawing.


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